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FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
Stories of 11 Photographers
Towards a New Era, Towards Reiwa

Heisei — Tokyo — Snap Shot Love

  • Tokyo Candy Box No.00, 1999
    ©Koji Onaka

  • Minami Koiwa, Edogawa-ku
    ( from the series Wonderland )
    ©Mitsugu Onishi

    Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, May, 2000
    ©Masataka Nakano

  • Untitled, 1996
    ©Mikiko Hara

  • Shinjuku Station (East Exit),
    Tokyo, 2001
    ( from the series TODOROKI )
    ©Keizo Motoda

Please note that this exhibition closed on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

On April 30, the Heisei period drew to a close after slightly more than 30 years, and the following day, May 1, marked the beginning of the Reiwa period. The Heisei period covered the final decade of the 20th century and the opening two decades of the 21st century, and coincided with a major milestone in the history of photography. The dawning of the 21st century heralded the digital age and the rapid popularization of the internet and smartphones, and brought about a dramatic change in the world of photography. The huge numbers of images being taken was unimaginable in the analog age, and there was a complete transformation in the perception of the photograph.

This exhibition displays approximately 100 images of Tokyo in the Heisei period, taken by photographers from a wide variety of generations period with 'Heisei', 'Tokyo' and 'snapshot' as the keywords. Continuously undergoing huge transformations, Tokyo is a city that offers us the most radical images of each era. Tokyo is the scene of innumerable dramatic moments, and sets the stage for an inexhaustible supply of storylines for photographers. The term 'snapshot' is said to have originated in the context of hunting, meaning to take a quick shot at fast moving animals, for instance, a bird flying away. This exhibition introduces the stories of 11 photographers who love taking snapshots, who love that one moment when inspiration and camera work together in perfect unison.

Shinya Arimoto seeks to bring to the fore the humanity of city dwellers; Eric portrays full-frontal views of Tokyo as seen through his free-spirited viewpoint; Tadashi Onishi catches cityscapes in a diary-like fashion; Mitsugu Onishi continues to find new views of his native downtown Tokyo; Kisara Okada's images depict light-hearted scenes of everyday life in the city; Koji Onaka has compiled a series of sketches depicting the dramatic changes Tokyo has undergone; Masaki Nakano captures images of Tokyo when it is deserted; Takahiko Nakato portrays the ever-changing city in an original monochrome expression; Herbie Yamaguchi searches for 'moments of happiness'; Mikiko Hara exquisitely captures the underlying ambience and consciousness of everyday scenes; and Keizo Motoda seeks to capture uplifting encounters between people on the streets. The works of these 11 photographers — who comprise of veterans through to young emerging photographers — are 11 unique dialogues between the city, its people and the camera. Capturing a moment that stimulated the imagination of the photographer, these snapshots offer us a new perspective on our everyday life. We very much hope that these snapshots will appeal to you and prompt you to turn your thoughts to the future, to the Reiwa period.

Featured photographers (in alphabetical order)
Shinya Arimoto, Eric, Mikiko Hara, Keizo Motoda, Takehiko Nakafuji, Masaki Nakano, Kisara Okada, Koji Onaka, Mitsugu Onishi, Tadashi Onishi, Herbie Yamaguchi.

Name of the Exhibition Stories of 11 Photographers
Towards a New Era, Towards Reiwa
Heisei — Tokyo — Snap Shot Love
Dates June 21 — July 10, 2019
10:00 — 19:00 (last entry ten minutes before closing), open every day
* Exhibition at Fujifilm Salon Osaka: July 26 — August 7, 2019
Number of exhibits approx. 100 (including photographs taken in the Reiwa period, after May 2019)
Admission Free
*This exhibition is being held as a corporate MECENAT event, and we are pleased to announce that admission will be free to enable more people to attend the exhibition.
Organized by FUJIFILM Corporation
Supported by Contact

<Associated events>

A selection panel consisting of the 11 photographers exhibited in this exhibition will conduct a portfolio review where they evaluate works by applicants. We accept applications by those with aspirations of becoming professional photographers, those who engage in the production of photographic works, and those with aspirations to exhibit their photographs. Works that pass the final selection will be exhibited at the mini gallery spaces at the FUJIFILM SQUARE Tokyo and the Fujifilm Salon Osaka, respectively, in the spring of 2020. (The production costs for these exhibitions will be covered by FUJIFILM SQUARE).

1. Portfolio review — First Round of Selection (not open to the public) *1

Attended by applicants, reviewers and related personnel only.
Application is free of charge.
Pre-registration required (in case of a large number of applicants, entries will be decided by lottery).
Successful applicants will be assigned two reviewers for a 15 min. review session, where their work will be screened. Reviewers will also give advice. Approx. 6 participants in Tokyo and 2 participants in Osaka will be shortlisted for the final round of selection.

FUJIFILM SQUARE (Tokyo) Dates and times
1. June 22   14:00 — 17:00
2. June 30   14:00 — 17:00
3. July 5   18:00 — 21:00
Fujifilm Photo Salon (Osaka) *2 Dates and times
July 27   14:00 — 15:30

2. Final round of selection and talk event (open to the public) *1

Final review of shortlisted candidates' work. After the final selection, the 11 photographers exhibited in the exhibition will participate in a talk event on the topic of “snapshots”.
Admission is free. However, pre-registration (first come, first served) is required.

FUJIFILM SQUARE (Tokyo) Dates and times
July 7   14:00 — 17:00
Fujifilm Photo Salon (Osaka) *2 Dates and times
July 27   15:30 — 17:00

*1 Further details on the application system, etc. will be posted on the Fujifilm website as soon as they are available (scheduled to be posted on April 25).
*2 In case of the exhibition in Osaka, the first and final selection rounds, and the talk event will be held on the same day.

  • In 1991, the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts founded these awards, which recognize highly beneficial projects by corporations and corporate foundations for the support of the arts, with the aim of encouraging corporate patronage of artistic projects and increasing public interest in these activities.
  • The awardees are decided on the basis of an evaluation that covers the company's ingenuity and making use of its managerial resources, the involvement of the company in the arts, culture and the wider community, the company's attitude to continuing and expanding the activities, and the activities' degree of importance in contributing to the arts and wider culture.
  • This year's awards, entitled “This is MECENAT 2018”, attracted 152 entrants. A town of third-party experts selected a total of seven awards, namely, the Grand Mécénat Award, five Awards for excellence and the Award Granted by the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs.

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