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  • Exhibition dates and times
  • Wednesday, July 2 -- Wednesday, July 30, 2008
  • Number of Exhibits
  • approx. 120
  • Exhibitors
  • Shuichi Endo (NPO Tuvalu Overview), Mutsumi Ishibashi (photographer), Ken Noguchi (alpinist), Junji Takasago (photographer), Umimaru (photographic unit featuring photographers Shinya Inoue and Asuka Takamatsu) and Katsuhiro Yamanashi (photographer).
  • Venue
  • The "PHOTO IS" Gallery on the 1st floor of FUJIFILM SQUARE
  • Admission
  • Free
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「"Preserving Greenery, Preserving Water" Photo Exhibition Simultaneous Event: "Preserving the Earth Contest" Photo Exhibition(Organized by Tomoyo Nonaka, NPO Gaia Initiative)

Flash Area.

Exhibition ended on July 30, 2008 (Sat).

The "PHOTO IS" gallery at FUJIFILM SQUARE is pleased to present the "Preserving Greenery, Preserving Water" Photo Exhibition, which runs from July 2 to July 30, 2008.

Ever since its foundation, FUJIFILM Corporation has been committed to giving full consideration and exerting its utmost efforts to preserving the natural environment through a variety of environmental projects. As part of these efforts, we are delighted to announce "Preserving Greenery, Preserving Water" -- a photo exhibition that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of environmental preservation through powerful photographic expression. Along with this photo exhibition, which stresses the paramount importance of greenery and water, Tomoyo Nonaka of the non-profit group Gaia Initiative has organized a complimentary "Preserving the Earth" project. The overriding theme throughout the whole gallery will be that of "Preservation."

Greenery and water are essential elements that sustain the lives of a vast range of creatures that share our planet with us. However, with the onslaught of global warming, the world's greenery and water resources are becoming seriously depleted and suffering irreparable damage. This photo exhibition features works from several photographers active in the field of nature photography, along with works by Shuichi Endo of the NPO Tuvalu Overview and renowned alpinist Ken Noguchi. Despite the worsening conditions brought about by climate change, several photographers active in the world of nature photography display photos that seek to portray the beauty of "greenery" and "water," how these elements even now contribute to a wide variety of new forms of life, and the wealth of extraordinary beauty of the natural environment.

In addition, the works of photographers active in environmental issues depict the critical situation facing the elements of "Greenery" and "Water" through such works as photos that show the rising sea levels that are threatening the existence of Tuvalu, a South Pacific country consisting of nine small islands, and other photographic works that amply depict the damage being wrought by global warming. We sincerely hope that the photo exhibition will serve as an opportunity to prompt visitors to think once again about the grave environmental problems currently facing our planet.
Being held concurrently is the "Preserving the Earth Contest" photo exhibition, which is organized by Tomoyo Nonaka from the NPO Gaia Initiative. The "Preserving the Earth" project invites environmentally themed photo contributions from all over the world taken primarily with mobile phones. The winning entries are on display at FUJIFILM SQUARE in yet another Fujifilm photo exhibition that encourages the participation of the general public. For further details, see the Gaia Initiative website, http://photo.plus1project.jp/

On July 7 - July 9, the town of Toyako on the island of Hokkaido is hosting the G8 Summit, and the environment is expected to be a major topic on the summit agenda. In addition, Japan, a nation surrounded by oceans and seas, has an annual public holiday each July designated Umi no Hi (Sea Day). We hope that this environmental photo exhibition, emphasizing the keyword "Preservation," will encourage visitors to look anew at the planet Earth and the prevalent environmental dangers it faces.

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