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Exhibition of Photographs by Narahara Ikko,
‘Where Time Has Vanished’

Date : <Part 1> June 1st - July 31th, 2016
<Part 2> August 1st - September 30th, 2016

Narahara Ikko held his first solo exhibition Ningen no tochi (Human Land) in 1956, the year he worked, among others, with artists Ay-O (a.k.a. Takao Iijima) and ....

There was a man called Gocho Shigeo 1946-1983
An exhibition of works by photographer Gocho Shigeo, presented and hosted by The Photo History Museum at FUJIFILM SQUARE

Date : October 1st - December 28th, 2016

There was a photographer called Gocho Shigeo. He left this world prematurely at the age of 36. Nevertheless, he gained a lot of attention; During the 1970s, a fertile period that saw a variety of new photographic expressions and in whose development and deployment he played an important role. ....

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