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Living on Brazil's Wide Earth —
The Hidden Story of Emigrant Photographer Ohara Haruo

Date : October 1st, 2017 (Sun.) — December 28th, 2017 (Thu.)

There was a Japanese man who emigrated to Brazil as pioneer farmer, mastered photographic technology on his own and received high praise from critics at home and abroad through for creating his own world of photography. His name is Ohara Haruo. In 2016, beginning with his home prefecture Kochi, a big exhibition travelled throughout Japan, which drew enthusiastic response from the public. This exhibition presents 30 selected works from this travelling exhibition, giving also the people in the greater Kanto area a chance to get a look at Ohara Haruo's marvelous works. ....

In Celebration of Its 10th Anniversary, FUJIFILM SQUARE Presents:
Ansel Adams — A 20th-Century Master Photographer of Beauty and Sublimity in Landscapes

Date : November 17, 2017 (Fri.) — December 6, 2017 (Wed.)

Ansel Adams was one of the most renowned photographers working in the United States over a period of around 60 years from the late 1920s. In Japan, his works came to be shown regularly via art galleries and galleries specializing in photographic art from the 1970s, exerting a huge influence on Japanese photographers. These works, expressed through exquisite black-and-white photography to depict beauty and sublimity in landscapes discovered amidst the vastness of nature, still retain their legendary status as monumental achievements within the history of photography. ....

Things we have to treasure, Things we have to share
Selected Works by Haga Hideo, Great Master of Folklore Photography

Date : January 4, 2018 (Thu.) — March 31, 2018 (Sat.)

Throughout his lifetime, Haga Hideo has portrayed various festivals around the world and established what is now known as the genre of “folklore photography”. This exhibition will show 30 finely selected works from the over 400,000 photographs that constitute the body of Haga's oeuvre, focusing on what is considered to be the point of departure of his artistic practice: His early photographs of rice farming rituals and other traditional Japanese customs. ....

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