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A Titan of Showa Era Photography:
The Work of Tadahiko Hayashi as a Narrative on His Times

<Part 1>   April 1, 2018 (Sun.) — May 31, 2018 (Thu.)
<Part 2>   June 1, 2018 (Fri.) — July 31, 2018 (Tue.)

Known for his portraits of the authors Osamu Dazai and Ango Sakaguchi, Tadahiko Hayashi relaunched his career in the immediate postwar era from Ginza, riding the wave of the kasutori magazine boom, and winning instant popularity as a photographer. Throughout the tumultuous Showa Era (1926—1989), as Japan transitioned through the Second World War and the era of rapid economic growth, followed by the “bubble economy,” Hayashi caught everything around him on camera, from snapshots portraying social conditions and portraits of intellectuals and artists to scenic photographs that sought to depict the essence of Japanese culture. ....

Gendai gokan and Haruo Tomiyama, a photographer who transcended language
August 1, 2018 (Wed.) — October 31, 2018 (Wed.)

The 1960s were a turning point for Japan that determined the country's course thereafter. At a time when publication of new weekly magazines was booming and journalism was in its heyday, Haruo Tomiyama was one of the photographers on the front lines. He worked on the Gendai gokan [The linguistic sense of our times] series in the Asahi Journal magazine, which started during the boom in 1964 with Tomiyama's photograph on the theme “overcrowding.” ....

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