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The Photo History Museum is a rare venue where you can learn about the history of photography and progress of cameras through viewing and touching exhibits. Enjoy our collection displayed in three categories.

  • History of Photography

    History of Photography

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  • Hands-on Experience with Replicas

    Hands-on Experience with Replicas

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  • Films and Cameras Throughout
    the History of Fujifilm

    Films and Cameras Throughout

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The copies of exhibit catalog covering the history of photography are available at the Tokyo Service Station on the Second Floor (1,000 yen including tax).

Current Exhibitions


Exhibition of Photographs by Narahara Ikko, ‘Where Time Has Vanished’
Date :
<Part 1> ‘Journey to a Land so near and yet so far 1954-1974’   June 1 - July 31, 2016
<Part 2> ‘Beyond perspective 1970-2002’   August 1, - September 30, 2016

Narahara Ikko held his first solo exhibition Ningen no tochi (Human Land) in 1956, the year he worked, among others, with artists Ay-O (a.k.a. Takao Iijima) and Ikeda Masuo; an exhibition that generated great response and made him known as photographer to the Japanese public and the Japanese art world. Documentary photography from an individual point of view was what opened the way for new photographic expression after World War II and it was Narahara Ikko who was one of the pioneers of this style. In between the 1960s and 1980s he tirelessly published new works at home in Japan and abroad and from the 1990s on, despite being continuously stricken by illness, continues to bring forth inquisitive works by making this experience the subject of his photographs.

Explanation Sessions
Each day at 15:30, an explanation session of the Fujifilm Photo History Museum and the current photo exhibitions are held for retired Fujifilm staff for a period of approx. 30 minutes. All visitors to FUJIFILM SQUARE are also invited to attend these explanations sessions.

Time and days Everyday at 15:30
(including weekends and public holidays; duration: approx. 30 minutes)
VenueFujifilm Photo History Museum
* please note that seating is not available
No prior application required

Current Exhibitions

In 2016, the Photo History Museum was formally approved by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts for its “contributions to society through the promotion of arts and culture” and was permitted to use the official “This is MECENAT 2016” mark.

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