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  • Dates and Times
  • May 29 - June 24, 2009 10:00 - 19:00
  • Number of Works
  • Approximately 60 photographic works
  • Venue
  • PHOTO IS Gallery, FUJIFILM SQUARE, 1st floor
  • Admission
  • Free
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A Panoramic View of Japan from Above -The changing seasons in Japan as seen by aerial photographer Yoshiyuki Akutagawa-

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Please note that this exhibition closed on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The PHOTO IS gallery on the first floor of FUJIFILM SQUARE is pleased to present A Panoramic View of Japan from Above, a photo exhibition of selected works by renowned Japanese aerial photographer Yoshiyuki Akutagawa, which runs from May 29 to June 24, 2009.

The exhibition features aerial photographs of the changing seasons in Japan by Yoshiyuki Akutagawa taken with a 4 x 5 film camera he developed himself. Akutagawa has spent over 5,000 hours in the air and traveled some one million kilometers (equivalent to approximately 25 times around the world) capturing breathtaking photographs. The majority of his photographs were taken at 1,000 feet (approx. 300 meters), the lowest altitude permitted over urban areas according to Japanese aviation law.

Visitors can enjoy rarely seen bold and dynamic aerial photographs that explore the beauty of the interplay between light and shadow, and exude a real sense of the everyday lives of ordinary folk across Japan. The photos have been taken on silver halide film and the prints enlarged for further enhancement of photographic expression and beauty.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, we will be holding a series of related events, including an exciting flight simulation experience whereby visitors can experience the thrill of operating a virtual aircraft for themselves. The exhibition has something for all the family, and we very much look forward to welcoming you to FUJFILM SQUARE.


Yoshiyuki Akutagawa

Born in Matsuyama City, Aichi Prefecture in 1939, Akutagawa was a regular entrant to photo magazine contests in his high school days, later becoming a freelance professional photographer. He began his career as an aerial photographer in the 1970s, taking photos for All Nippon Airways calendars and government promotional magazines. He realized the need for enhanced cameras for aerial photography and set about developing a new camera, which attracted much global attention. Latest versions of his camera are launched at each edition of the internationally famous Photokina trade show. His photo collection "1,000 Feet" is currently on sale though Seki / SPC. Akutagawa is a member of the Japanese Professional Photographers Society, and in 1999 was the recipient of an award by the Photographic Society of Japan.

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