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  • November 19 - December 2, 2010 10:00 - 19:00
    ※Please note that the exhibition will close at 16:00 on the final day.
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  • Free
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"Alpine Symphony ─ the Northern Alps, Mt. Hotaka and the Karasawa Glacial Valley" A photo exhibition by Shiro Shirahata

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Please note that this exhibition closed on Thursday, December 2, 2010

For mountain climbers, Japan's Northern Alps, Mount Hotaka and the Karasawa Glacial Valley* are the stuff of dreams, and attract hordes of professional and amateur photographers every year. The Karasawa Glacial Valley contains a diversity of rocks and stones of every conceivable shape and size, with many carried into the valley by the melting glacier. The valley also houses an array of alpine plant life, rock faces and peaks that change appearance with the passing of each season. Along with the changes brought about by the seasons, light and climatic conditions, swirling fog and mist enshroud the landscape to the delight of visitors to the scene. The works on display present a change from our usual photo exhibitions with images solely of mountain peaks and the interior of the glacial valley.

* Note on glacial valleys: Glacial valleys, or cirques, are a particular type of glacial topographical feature formed by erosion and sedimentation, and resemble a bowl-like depression in the side of a mountain. They are often seen directly below the ridges of high mountains. Glacial valleys tend to increase in size due to continuing surface erosion, and viewed from above, the mountainside often has a semicircular or horseshoe-shaped appearance. In Japan, these valleys are often known by the German term, "Kar."

Profile of Shiro Shirahata

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1933, Shirahata has forged a reputation as one of Japan's foremost mountain photographers. In addition to his well-known photographs of Japan's Southern Alps, his inspiring images of the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas, the Karakoram range and the Canadian Rockies have also earned universal praise. He has been honored for his achievements by the Swiss King Albert Memorial Foundation being awarded the King Albert Medal of Merit and the King Albert Mountain Award. Shirahata is a regular contributor to various Japanese and overseas landscape photography publications, and has published over 130 books. He has received various awards including recognition by the Japan Photographic Association, the Culture Award of Yamanashi Prefecture and was presented with the Noguchi Culture Award in 1990.

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