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  • Dates and Times
  • June 17-29, 2011 10:00 – 18:00 everyday
  • Venue
  • Fujifilm Photo Salon, 1st floor, FUJIFILM SQUARE
  • Admission
  • Free
  • Name of photographer
  • Junji Takasago
  • Number of exhibits
  • Approximately 50 photographs
  • Simultaneous event
  • Talk show by Junji Takasago and other related events scheduled (details of scheduled events will informed separately)
  • Main organizer
  • FUJIFILM Corporation
  • Cooperation
  • Hawaii Tourism Japan
  • Current exhibitions & events

Hawaii ― beyond your wildest imagination Images of Hawaii from nature photographer Junji Takasago

Flash Area.

Please note that this exhibition closed on Wednsday, June 29, 2011

We are pleased to announce the photo exhibition Hawaii ― beyond your wildest imagination, images of Hawaii from nature photographer Junji Takasago, at the Fujifilm Photo Salon in FUJIFILM SQUARE from June 17 - 29, 2011.

Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for Japanese tourists, with some 1.23 million Japanese visitors annually. The Hawaiian archipelago is made up of six main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii (also known as the Big Island), and each of these islands boasts its own special personality. The islands offer a wide range of attractions ―apart from the magnificent resort facilities, there is the dynamic natural environment, unique culture as typified by the hula dance and the Hawaiian ukulele, deep historical ties with Japan, and for the more energetic visitor there is even the annual Honolulu Marathon.

This photo exhibition features images that vividly portray the full extent of the stunning beauty of the islands taken by popular nature photographer Junji Takasago who has made it his lifework to capture the tropical attractions of the South Seas and in particular the islands of Hawaii.

We are delighted to extend a very cordial to one and all to come along and experience a Hawaii that is beyond your wildest imagination as seen through the lens of one of Japan's most popular nature photographers. The Photo Salon will be specially decorated for the exhibition with displays of Hawaiian grass skirts and ribbon leis to further enhance the atmosphere.

Profile of Junji Takasago

Born in 1962 in Miyagi prefecture. Began diving and taking photographs while still a university student. After graduation, he began working as a photographer for a diving magazine and became freelance in 1989. Since then, he has focused on nature photography, capturing images of landscapes and living creatures and exploring their relationships with humans, with particular reference to Hawaii and the Pacific islands.

He has published several photo collections, and his image Night Rainbow (published by Shogakukan), a picture of a nighttime rainbow that can only be seen in the reflection of moonlight, gained high international acclaim. A photo collection featuring images of his many years of photography in the Hawaiian Islands, Children of the Rainbow, is due to be released in May this year by Shogakukan.


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