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  • Dates and Times
  • September 7 - September 26, 2012
    Open everyday from 10:00 − 19:00(last entry: 18:50)
  • Venue
  • The Fujifilm Photo Salon at FUJIFILM SQUARE
  • Admission
  • Free
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Memories of Showa Japan Postwar Reconstruction and Development

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Please note that this exhibition closed on Wednsday, September 26, 2012

FUJIFILM SQUARE is pleased to announce the photo exhibition "Memories of Showa Japan ― Postwar Reconstruction and Development" which runs from September 7 – 26, 2012. Japan's Showa period (1926-1989) spanned 64 years and was a period that oversaw tumultuous change in Japan ― from the Great Depression and the rise of militarism in the 1930s and eventual defeat in World War II through to the postwar reconstruction miracle and the bubble economy of the 1980s.
The era also saw the emergence of photographic journalism in Japan and a growing appreciation of the role of photographs to record current events. In the new open and liberal social environment that characterized the postwar period, a large number of Japanese photographers seized the opportunity to expand their professional horizons and bequeathed us some wonderful images of the times.
This exhibition features photographic works by Ihei Kimura, Ken Domon and several other leading Japanese photographers of the age that evoke Memories of Showa Japan, with a visual demonstration of some the new "modern" customs of prewar Japan, life for the ordinary person during the ravages of war, postwar reconstruction and the development that led to Japan's later economic miracle. We are sure that the photos on display will bring back a flood of memories for many of our visitors and serve as a valuable frame of reference for younger visitors.
Featured photographers: Ihei Kimura, Ken Domon, Hiroshi Hamaya, Tadahiko Hayashi, Kiyoshi Sonobe, Shigeichi Nagano, Takeyoshi Tanuma, Keisuke Kumakiri

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