Expanding the rich culture of photography and creating new worlds for a more colorful daily life in the future.

FUJIFILM, with its roots in photography, is always striving to introduce novel ways which give shape to people's dreams, by taking advantage of its wide variety of technologies, know-how, and innovative ideas.

FUJIFILM SQUARE is dedicated to improving people's quality of life, and features a wide range of items that aim at enriching the heart, and providing fun, enjoyment and a healthy life.

Attractions at FUJIFILM SQUARE include the FUJIFILM PHOTO SALON which boasts a 60-year history, FUJIFILM's PHOTO HISTORY MUSEUM which traces the history of the culture of photography, and the FUJIFILM HEALTH CARE SHOP which offers an array of products made possible through the expertise FUJIFILM has gained over many years of research into collagen, a principal element of photographic film.

What kinds of wonders can you encounter?What future is waiting for you?
Find something in tune with you at FUJIFILM SQUARE

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