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FUJIFILM Photo Collection FUJIFILM Photo Collection

In 2014, on the occasion of its 80th founding anniversary of Fujifilm Group ,Fujifilm collected 101 selected photographs by 101 photographers from the end of the Edo and Meiji periods (mid of 1860~) to the present day as the "FUJIFILM Photo Collection.

And, January 22, 2024 – FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation announces the acquisition of the highly esteemed FUJIFILM Photo Collection II, consisting of 53 exquisite original prints, which capture the human experience, to commemorate the Fujifilm Group’s 90th anniversary.

FUJIFILM Photo Collection
“My One Shot” — single images of leading pioneers of Japanese photographic history

FUJIFILM Photo Collection II
Capturing the Human Experience: World Photography in the 20th Century

Alfred Stieglitz, The Steerage, 1907

W. Eugene Smith, The Walk to Paradise Garden, 1946
© 1946, 2024 The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith

August Sander, Aviator, 1920–28

August Sander, Photographer's Wife [Anna Sander], ca. 1902

Walker Evans, Penny Picture Display, Savannah, 1936

The theme for FUJIFILM Photo Collection II is Capturing the Human Experience. Portraiture is considered the starting point for photography and the strongest motivation at the dawn of photography. While many new techniques have evolved during the history of photography, portraiture has always been and still is the focal point for peopleʼs interest. Capturing the Human Experience is a universal theme in photography, a theme that is both the most familiar and the most special in the history of photography.

FUJIFILM Photo Collection II comprises 53 masterpieces that capture the human experience taken by prominent international photographers who are among the giants of world photography in the 20th century.

Photo Collections

the FUJIFILM Photo Collection II of photos exhibited

You can purchase the FUJIFILM Photo Collection II catalog at FUJIFILM SQUARE.

¥2,500 (tax included)

List of works

Alfred Stieglitz
The Steerage, 1907
Jacques Henri Lartigue
My Cousin, Simone, Villerville, France, 1904
Jacques Henri Lartigue
The ZYX 24 takes off...Piroux, Zissou, Georges, Louis, Dédé, and Robert try to take off with it, Rouzat, September 1910
Jacques Henri Lartigue
A Racing Singer, Avenue des Acacias, Paris, 5 June 1912
Jacques Henri Lartigue
Delage automobile, A.C.F. Grand Prix, Le Tréport, 26 June 1912
August Sander
Painter's Wife [Helene Abelen], ca. 1926/27
August Sander
Photographer's Wife [Anna Sander], ca. 1902
August Sander
Aviator, 1920–28
Imogen Cunningham
Alfred Stieglitz, 1934
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Sunday on the Banks of the Seine River, France, 1938
Walker Evans
Penny Picture Display, Savannah, 1936
Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Frida Kahlo with Globe in Manuel Álvarez Bravo's Studio, 1930
Edward Weston
Karl Struss, Cinematographer, 1922
Edward Weston
Exposition of Dynamic Symmetry, 1943
Ansel Adams
Graduation Dress, Yosemite Valley, California, 1948
Yousuf Karsh
Winston Churchill, 1941
Yousuf Karsh
George Bernard Shaw, 1943
Yousuf Karsh
Albert Einstein, 1948
Yousuf Karsh
Helen Keller, 1948
Yousuf Karsh
Jean Sibelius, 1949
Yousuf Karsh
Pablo Casals, 1954
Yousuf Karsh
Albert Schweitzer, 1954
Yousuf Karsh
Pablo Picasso, 1954
Yousuf Karsh
Ernest Hemingway, 1957
Yousuf Karsh
Georgia O'Keeffe, 1956
Yousuf Karsh
Robert Frost, 1958
Yousuf Karsh
Joan Miro, 1965
Yousuf Karsh
Marc Chagall, 1965
Yousuf Karsh
Muhammad Ali, 1970
Yousuf Karsh
Jacques Cousteau, 1972
Harry Callahan
Eleanor, 1948
Harry Callahan
Eleanor and Barbara, Chicago, 1953
Harry Callahan
Eleanor and Barbara, Chicago, 1953
W. Eugene Smith
The Walk to Paradise Garden, 1946
Arnold Newman
Igor Stravinsky, New York City, 1946
Elliott Erwitt
Paris, 1949
Elliott Erwitt
New York City, 1953
Elliott Erwitt
California, 1956
Elliott Erwitt
Marilyn Monroe, New York City, 1956
Elliott Erwitt
John F. Kennedy visits Eisenhower, James Hagerty, White House Press Secretary on right, 1960
Elliott Erwitt
New York City, 1977
Elliott Erwitt
Versailles, France, 1975
Elliott Erwitt
New York City, 1974
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Chicago, Halloween, 1958–61
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Chicago, Halloween, 1958–61
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Chicago, Halloween, 1958–61
Bruce Davidson
The Dwarf, 1958
Bruce Davidson
Brooklyn Gang, New York City, 1959
Bruce Davidson
London, 1960
Emmet Gowin
Edith and Isaac, Newtown, Pennsylvania, 1974
Martin Parr
New Brighton, England, From “The Last Resort”, 1983–85
Sebastião Salgado
Serra Pelada Gold Mine, Brazil, 1986
Steve McCurry
Sharbat Gula, Afghan Girl, Peshawar, Pakistan, 1984

Exhibition to Commemorate 90 Years of Fujifilm Group
FUJIFILM Photo Collection II
Capturing the Human Experience: World Photography in the 20th Century

This exhibition will present a total of 53 extremely valuable, original prints newly acquired to form FUJIFILM Photo Collection II.

We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to see this outstanding collection of masterpieces that capture the human experience in 20th-century photographs.

April 26 – May 16, 2024
(The exhibition opens at 11:00 on the first day, and closes at 14:00 on the final day. Last admission is ten minutes before closing.)
Open every day
Midtown West, 7-3 Akasaka, 9-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan (Tokyo Midtown)
TEL: +81-3-6271-3350
admission free
※This is a Mecenat exhibition and is open to the general public for free.
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Kashima Seibei "Ponta" c.1895

Kimura Ihei "Akita Obako (Akita Girl), Akita Omagari" 1953

Moriyama Daido "Stray Dog" 1971

Maeda Shinzo "Bakushu Senretsu (Red Wheat Brilliance)" 1977

Hoshino Michio "Caribou Crossing a River at Dusk" c.1988

Fujifilm collected 101 selected photographs by 101 photographers from the end of the Edo and Meiji periods (mid of 1860~) to the present day as the "FUJIFILM Photo Collection. The collection has been exhibited at more than 20 locations, including FUJIFILM SQUARE and museums nationwide, and has been used to convey their artistic value to more than 200,000 people, as well as to promote a systematic understanding of the history of Japanese photography.

Photo Collections

the FUJIFILM Photo Collection of photos exhibited

You can purchase the FUJIFILM Photo Collection of photos exhibited at FUJIFILM SQUARE. A compact size collection is also available for your convenience.

¥2,500 (tax included) / Compact size: ¥1,000 (tax included)

List of works

Beato Felice
Nakashima River, Nagasaki, c.1865
Ueno Hikoma
Nakashima River, Nagasaki, c.1872
Shimooka Renjo
Fruit Seller, from the news magazine <Far East>, mid-1860s
Shimooka Renjo
Basket Seller, from the news magazine <Far East>, mid-1860s
Shimooka Renjo
Tinsmiths, from the news magazine <Far East>, mid-1860s
Shimooka Renjo
Soy-sauce seller, from the news magazine <Far East>, mid-1860s
Uchida Kuichi
Pleasure Boats on the Sumida River, 1872
Kusakabe Kinbei
Rickshaw in Maiko-no-hama, c.1880s
Ogawa Kazumasa
A Tokyo Beauty, 1890
Kashima Seibei
Ponta, c.1895
Fukuhara Shinzo
Fishing, from Paris et la Seine, 1913
Shiotani Teiko
Shipwreck, 1929
Kuwabara Kineo
At the time of the February 26 Incident, Kojimachi-ku Babasakimon, 1936
Yasui Nakaji
The Beach, 1936
Fukuhara Roso
Unidentified, at Seki Onsen in Niigata, 1938
Tabuchi Yukio
Asama in Early Winter: On Kurofu Mountain, 1940
Hamaya Hiroshi
Boys Driving Birds Away with Song (Tori'oi Festival, Niigata), from Snow Country, 1940
Okada Koyo
Pines of Tokai, Bishamon in Shizuoka Prefecture, c.1944
Kageyama Koyo
Family Portrait, Celebrating the Wheat Harvest, 1946/6/25
Hayashi Tadahiko
Dazai Osamu, Japanese novelist in the Bar "Lupin", Ginza, 1946
Kijima Takashi
Picture of an Old Woman, 1948
Ueda Shoji
Papa, Mama and Children, 1949
Kimura Ihei
Akita Obako (Akita Girl), Akita Omagari, 1953
Watanabe Yoshio
Panoramic View of the Northwest Side of the Inner Sanctuary, from Ise Shrine, 1953
Iwamiya Takeji
Mannequins, 1954
Otake Shoji
Herbert von Karajan, 1954
Otsuji Kiyoji
Window Display, 1955
Tanuma Takeyoshi
Dressed for Errands in Popular Machiko-style, Tokyo Tsukudajima, 1955
Sukita Masayoshi
Mother, 1958
Nagano Shigeichi
Salaryman at 5 pm, Tokyo Marunouchi, from Dream Age, 1959
Ishimoto Yasuhiro
Chicago Child, from Chicago Chicago, 1958-61
Kawada Kikuji
The Japanese National Flag, from The Map, 1960
Hosoe Eikoh
Barakei (Ordeal by Roses) #32, 1961
Midorikawa Youichi
Seto Inland Sea, Islands and Lighthouses, c.1962
Haga Hideo
New Year and Bon, Yokote Manzai Comic Performance, 1962
Tomiyama Haruo
Overcrowing, from Linguistic Sense Today, 1964
Shirahata Shiro
Winter Morning, Hakone Ubako, 1965
Takanashi Yutaka
From Tokyoites, 1965
Tatsuki Yoshihiro
From Angels Sticking Out Its Tongue, 1965
Kuwabara Shisei
Young Girl Described as a Living Doll, from Minamata, 1966
Sakata Eiichiro
From Just Wait, 1966
Shinoyama Kishin
From Birth, 1967
Domon Ken
Miroku-do Seated Shaka Buddha, left profile, from Muroji Temple, 1967
Hirota Naotaka
C57 Wheel, Akita Zuchizaki, 1967
Ogawa Takayuki
From New Yorik Is, 1968
Kubota Hiroji
Okinawa, 1969
Tsuchida Hiromi
Isshikikurosawa, Aichi, from Zokushin, 1969
Araki Nobuyoshi
From Sentimental Journey, 1971
Sawatari Hajime
From NADIA, 1971
Jumonji Bishin
Untitled from No heads, 1971
Suzuki Kiyoshi
Woman, Kawasaki, from Soul and Soul, 1971
Tomatsu Shomei
Hateruma Island, 1971
Moriyama Daido
Stray Dog, 1971
Kitai Kazuo
Hirado Nagasaki, from To the Village, 1972
Tamura Akihide
YOKOHAMA, from Afternoon, 1972
Narahara Ikko
Two Garbage Cans, New Mexico, from Where Time Has Vanished, 1972
Morinaga Jun
Nokono'shima, Fukuoka, from The Sea - Waves, 1972
Arita Taiji
First Born, 1973
Kinoshita Akira
Alfred Brendel, from Musicians of the World, 1974
Hara Naohisa
Paris les Halles Centrales, 1974
Enari Tsuneo
Family of Three in a Slum Apartment 111 East 7th Street, New York, from One Hundred New York Families, 1975
Kurata Seiji
Near Ikebukuro Hikarimachi Ohashi, from FLASH UP, 1975
Sugiyama Mamoru
Benzine Bottle, from STILL LIFE, 1975
Akiyama Ryoji
From Tugaru: Ryoji-sensei Gyojoki (Photographs of Tsugaru), 1976
Kurigami Kazumi
Looking at the Sea, from Sun and Bone, 1976
SUDA Issei
Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata, from Fushi Kaden, 1976
Minamikawa Sanjiro
Joan Miro, from Artists in Their Atelier, 1976
Ishiuchi Miyako
Yokosuka Story, 1977
Gocho Shigeo
Fukase Masahisa
Karasu, Kanazawa, from Karasu (Ravens), 1977
Maeda Shinzo
Bakushu Senretsu (Red Wheat Brilliance), 1977
Nakamura Ikuo
Navy Commands, Men Possessed, 1978
Yamazaki Hiroshi
From Heliography, 1978
Kitajima Keizo
Gay Boy in Shinjuku 2-chome, from Tokyo 1979, 1979
Mizukoshi Takeshi
Traces of Light Climbing to the Heavens, Karakorum, Pakistan, 1979
Irie Taikichi
Setting Sun in Ikaruga Village, Horyuji Pagoda, c.1980
Ohnishi Mitsugu
Nezu, from Wonderland 1980-1989, 1980
Shimao Shinzo
From Living, 1980
Fugo Hitoshi
From Dark Change, 1980
Yamaguchi Herbie
GALAXY, London, 1981
Ito Yoshihiko
Imagery 72-82011, 1982, 1982
Yamazawa Eiko
What I'm doing #24, from What I'm Doing, 1982
Seike Tomio
From Portrait of ZOE, 1983
Nagakura Hiromi
Soldier Masoud, on a Mountain by Himself, Reading a Book, Afghanistan, 1983
Tsukiji Hitoshi
Photographic image #55, from Photographic Images, 1984
Mizutani Akito
The Gleam of White Silver, 1984
Miyamoto Ryuji
Looking toward Sanshin Building from Hibiya Cinema and Yuraku Theater in mid-demolition, from Architectural Apocalypse, 1984
Hirokawa Taishi
Sonomama, Sonomama #26, 1985
Ina Eiji
The U.S. Sobe Communication Site in Okinawa Japan, from ZONE, 1986
Ueda Yoshihiko
Robert Mapplethorpe, 1986
Takeuchi Toshinobu
Fire Curtain, Miharayama, 1986
Miyoshi Kozo
Honjo, from Picture Show, 1986
Hoshino Michio
Caribou Crossing a River at Dusk, c.1988
Kon Michiko
Octopus and Melon, 1989
Shibata Toshio
Yunotani Village, Kitauonuma Country, Niigata Prefecture, from Quintessence of Japan, 1989
Tanaka Kojo
King Penguin, South Georgia, 1992
Saito Ryoichi
Suzudai, Russia, from NOSTALGIA, 1993
Ushioda Tokuko
Setagaya, Tokyo, from Ice Box, 1994
Seto Masato
Shibuya, from Silent Mode, 1995
Nomachi Kazuyoshi
Laylat Al-Qadr Prayers, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 1995
Akiyama Shotaro
Roses, c.1996
Sato Tokuhiro
Photo-Respiration #275, Koto-ku, Aomi, 1996
Shiraoka Jun
Nimes, France, Juillet 13, 1999, 1999
Kikai Hiroh
Celebrating Shichi-go-san, a Gala Day for Girls and Boys at Ages Three, Five and Seven, from PERSONA, 2001

Past Initiative

In 2023, The FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Salon was recognized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts for “contributions to society through the promotion of arts and culture” and has been authorized to use the “THIS IS MECENAT 2023” logo.