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FUJIFILM SQUARE Special Photo Exhibition

21/03/12 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
Japan as Seen from the Ocean   (2) “is Blue”—Yasuaki Kagii × Fumino Kimura
21/03/12 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
Japan as Seen from the Ocean   (1) “Lives cultivated by ocean currents”—Power of the Kuroshio Current, blessing of the Oyashio Current— Hideki Abe, Yasuaki Kagii, Teru Sato, Katsunori Seki, Itaru Takaku
20/11/27 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
The Hubble Space Telescope - celebrating 30 years of unraveling the mysteries of the universe
20/11/13 Photo ‘Young Photographers' New Stories’ Hidehiro Otake Solo Exhibition
The Northwoods — the Land that Gives Life
20/07/10 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
MJ — Michael Jackson on Stag
20/06/09 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Exhibition
Tokyo on My Mind — a photo exhibition by Takeyoshi Tanuma
20/03/16 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Exhibition
Tokyo on My Mind — a photo exhibition by Takeyoshi Tanuma

This photo exhibition is canceled.
20/01/24 Photo ‘Young Photographers' New Stories’
BACK-GROUND A Photojournalism Exhibition by Itaru Chiba (text by Katsuya Hosoe)
19/12/13 Photo Merry Many Santa Clauses! — a photo exhibition by Akiko Tsunoda
19/11/29 Photo TOKYOGRAPHIE 2019 — a special edition of the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
19/11/01 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Exhibition
The Photographs of Osamu Kobayashi:
Perspectives on Ryotaro Shiba's On the Highways Series Experiencing History, Landscape, and Culture on Foot with Penetrating Insight into the Times
19/08/09 Photo Special Summer Holiday Event
Photo Exhibition
Radiolaria — the wondrous forms of living creatures
19/06/21 Photo Stories of 11 Photographers    Towards a New Era, Towards Reiwa    Heisei — Tokyo — Snap Shot Love
19/03/15 Photo NIPPON NO SAKURA — a photo exhibition by Toshinobu Takeuchi
18/11/09 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE presents
The Wellspring of Photographic Expression
Treasures of American Modern Photography: The Gilbert Collection
18/10/26 Photo KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photo Festival — Special edition Opening event — TOKYOGRAPHIE
18/10/12 Photo A Taylor Swift Photo Collection   Now or never. instax Gallery
18/08/03 Photo Special Summer Photo Exhibition
100th edition of the Japanese High School Baseball Championship
Summer Koshien — Unforgettable Games, Unforgettable Players
18/03/23 Photo Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of FUJIFILM SQUARE
Decorating with Photos — a Glimpse into the Future with GENIC
17/11/17 Photo In Celebration of Its 10th Anniversary, FUJIFILM SQUARE Presents:
Ansel Adams — A 20th-Century Master Photographer of Beauty and Sublimity in Landscapes
17/10/06 Photo Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of FUJIFILM SQUARE
The Photographic Cooperative that Influenced the World:
The Origins of the Founding of Magnum Photos
17/03/24 Photo Fujifilm Photo Collection
“My One Shot” — single images of leading pioneers of Japanese photographic history
16/06/24 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition South America — the farthest continent
16/02/19 Photo A Million Steps — A joint photo exhibition by Ken Noguchi and Ryota Fujimaki
15/10/30 Photo National Geographic - the global truth (An exhibition to mark 20 years of the Japanese language version of the National Geographic magazine)
15/09/11 Photo Showa Children - smiling through good times and bad! A photo exhibition to mark the 90th year since the start of the Showa period
15/06/26 Photo KAZUYOHI NOMACHI Photography Exhibition FROM BEYOND THE HORIZON - A Documentary of Land and People
15/02/20 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition Lifescapes – unknown worlds right on our doorstep
14/11/14 Photo Mika Ninagawa Photo Exhibition Perspectives of Mika Ninagawa through New Photographic Works
14/09/12 Photo Great Railway Photo Exhibition Produced by railway photographer Seiya Nakai
14/01/17 Photo “Single Photo” Exhibition A collection of single photographs from some of the leading photographers in the history of Japanese photography
13/11/15 Photo Life ― Capturing Wildlife in Photos
12/11/16 Photo Alaska ― The Eternal Journey A Photo Exhibition by Michio Hoshino
12/09/07 Photo Memories of Showa Japan Postwar Reconstruction and Development
12/06/29 Photo Mountains that Jiro Nitta Loved ― from Mount Fuji to the Swiss Alps Centenary Celebration of Jiro Nitta
12/06/08 Photo Uchida Kuichi ―Photographer of the Late Edo and Early Meiji Periods
12/02/24 Photo Cherry Blossoms! ― Nippon in Full Bloom
11/11/25 Photo LISA VOGT'S White Gift - A Gift from the Arctic,Life and Its Tenderness
11/06/17 Photo Hawaii ― beyond your wildest imagination Images of Hawaii from nature photographer Junji Takasago
10/11/19 Photo "Alpine Symphony ─ the Northern Alps, Mt. Hotaka and the Karasawa Glacial Valley" A photo exhibition by Shiro Shirahata
10/09/17 Photo The Face of Showa Japan


21/01/04 Photo Ryoji Akiyama Tsugaru: Ryōji-sensei gyōjōki (Tale of Tsugaru by Ryoji-sensei)
20/10/01 Photo Photographs Making Music Akira Kinoshita: Musicians of the World
20/07/01 Photo Japan's First Wild Bird Photographer:
100 Years Ago Kenji Shimomura Captured an Image of a Kingfisher
20/06/09 Photo The Colors and Shapes of Kyoto
Takeji Iwamiya—In Pursuit of the Beauty of Japan
20/01/04 Photo The Colors and Shapes of Kyoto
Takeji Iwamiya—In Pursuit of the Beauty of Japan
19/09/01 Photo Awakening Photographs: Michiko Kon + Tokihiro Sato
19/06/01 Photo The Story of Seibei Kajima, the “Millionaire Photographer” in the Meiji Period
19/03/01 Photo Realms of Color: The Creation by Ernst Haas
18/11/01 Photo Shinzo Maeda, a Photographic Explorer Seeking Color: The Quest for New Discoveries
18/08/01 Photo Gendai gokan and Haruo Tomiyama, a photographer who transcended language
18/04/01 Photo A Titan of Showa Era Photography: The Work of Tadahiko Hayashi as a Narrative on His Time
18/01/04 Photo Things we have to treasure, Things we have to share
Selected Works by Haga Hideo, Great Master of Folklore Photography
17/10/01 Photo Living on Brazil's Wide Earth — The Hidden Story of Emigrant Photographer Ohara Haruo
17/07/01 Photo INTERFACE — Or, What Japan's Great Post-War Photographers Kept Looking For.
An Inquiry into the Artistic Practice of Shomei Tomatsu.
17/04/13 Photo Mount Fuji as seen through the Eyes of Late Edo/Meiji Period Photographers
In Search of ‘Heaven on Earth’
17/01/04 Photo Cultural Landscape of Japan — Nara Yamatoji   A photo exhibition by Taikichi Irie
16/10/01 Photo There was a man called Gocho Shigeo 1946-1983
16/06/01 Photo Exhibition of Photographs by Narahara Ikko, ‘Where Time Has Vanished’
16/02/02 Photo Noon Star — a photo exhibition by Takeshi Mizukoshi
15/11/03 Photo Jacques Henri Lartigue - the world's greatest amateur photographer
15/05/01 Photo Teiko Shiotani — Pioneer of Artistic Photography in Japan
15/02/03 Photo Pictorialism – Prelude to Modern Photography
14/10/01 Photo Ken Domon — Dual Perspectives
13/04/01 Photo Face to Face with Nature - an Exhibition of the Photographic Works of Yukio Tabuchi
13/01/03 Photo A Fascination with Light — a photo exhibition by Wynn Bullock
13/09/03 Photo Two Journeys of Ihei Kimura - The Ryukyu Islands and the Akita Region
13/06/01 Photo Animal Locomotion ― An Exhibition of Photos by Eadweard Muybridge
13/03/01 Photo Portraits of Native Americans ─ An Exhibition of Photos by Edward S. Curtis ─
12/12/01 Photo The Beauty of Japan ISE JINGU
12/09/01 Photo The Founders of Magnum Photos Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David Seymour
12/06/01 Photo A Lifelong Pursuit of Modernism ― the Photographic World of Shoji Ueda
12/03/01 Photo Eugene Smith ― Humanism in Photography
11/09/01 Photo Portfolio of Yousuf Karsh: FIFTEEN PORTRAITS
11/04/29 Photo An Exhibition of Photographs by UCHIDA Kuichi- mid-19th Century Photographer Part2 ─ Portraits
11/03/01 Photo An Exhibition of Photographs by UCHIDA Kuichi ─ mid-19th Century Photographer
10/10/01 Photo Photographs of Murou-ji Temple by Ken Domon
10/12/17 Event Mini Performances of Antique Music Boxes
10/06/01 Photo Photographs by Ansel Adams: Portfolio IV (1963)
10/01/04 Photo An Exhibition of the World's Oldest Photographs
09/05/28 Photo Nostalgic Home Movies ― from the Zoetrope to Single 8 Film
08/12/23 Photo "Yokohama photograph" album which introduced Japan

Gallery PHOTO IS

10/02/27PhotoA Stroll Through the Ocean - The Underwater World of Ikuo Nakamura
10/01/16PhotoTracing the Life and Times of Ryoma Sakamoto Through Photos
09/10/06PhotoGlittering Nightscapes
09/08/28PhotoA Photo Journey Through Switzerland
09/07/31PhotoPhoto Zoo - Super Close Ups of Animals in the Wild
09/07/04PhotoMt. Fuji - The Heart of Japan A photo exhibition by Yukio Ohyama
09/05/29PhotoA Panoramic View of Japan from Above -The changing seasons in Japan as seen by aerial photographer Yoshiyuki Akutagawa-
09/04/29PhotoRailways for Everyone Photo Exhibition
09/03/27Photo A Journey Through the World's Heritage Sites Part 2: Creations of Mankind - A Selection of Cultural Heritage Sites
09/02/27PhotoA Journey Through the World's Heritage Sites Part 1: Natural Creations - A Selection of Natural Heritage Sites
09/02/25PhotoTokyo Disney Resort® Photo Exhibition - Dreams and Magic
08/12/23PhotoThe Art Museum of Dreams -- a photo exhibition of famous Japanese architectural structures
08/08/29PhotoShowa Japan seen through Dutch eyes
08/08/01PhotoThe Secret World of Insects and Plants -- A Photo Exhibition by Satoshi Kuribayashi
08/07/02Photo「"Preserving Greenery, Preserving Water" Photo Exhibition Simultaneous Event: "Preserving the Earth Contest" Photo Exhibition(Organized by Tomoyo Nonaka, NPO Gaia Initiative)
08/06/06PhotoThe Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes, Japanese Version of the Japan & Europe Beautiful Pilgrimage Human Road -- Photographs by Sanjiro Minamikawa
08/02/29Photo" Unusual Festivals" a photographic exhibition from Makoto Shina
08/02/01PhotoA Message from Outer Space - Lunar Mysteries and the kaguya Space Mission -
07/12/28PhotoJapan & Europe Beautiful Pilgrimage Human Road,Camino de Santiago, Photographs by Sanjiro Minamikawa.
07/11/30PhotoA Christmas Story ─ Christmas Scenes from Around the World, with photos by Kanichiro Uehara
07/09/28Photo"Pink, Pink, Pink"a pulsating photographic exhibition by 12 female photographers
07/08/31PhotoSmile Please! - A Photographic Exhibition by Norika Fujiwara
07/07/27PhotoThe Lake District in England - the Beautiful Setting for the Tale of Peter Rabbit® Picture Book Stories
07/06/29Photo60 Celebrities' Photo Exhibition - This photo of mine
07/06/01PhotoYann Arthus=Bertrand -EARTH FROM ABOVE-
07/03/30Photo200 Professional Photographers Exhibition

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