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FUJIFILM SQUARE Special Photo Exhibition

20/11/27 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
The Hubble Space Telescope - celebrating 30 years of unraveling the mysteries of the universe
20/11/13 Photo ‘Young Photographers' New Stories’ Hidehiro Otake Solo Exhibition
The Northwoods — the Land that Gives Life
20/07/10 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
MJ — Michael Jackson on Stag
20/06/09 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Exhibition
Tokyo on My Mind — a photo exhibition by Takeyoshi Tanuma
20/03/16 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Exhibition
Tokyo on My Mind — a photo exhibition by Takeyoshi Tanuma

This photo exhibition is canceled.
20/01/24 Photo ‘Young Photographers' New Stories’
BACK-GROUND A Photojournalism Exhibition by Itaru Chiba (text by Katsuya Hosoe)
19/12/13 Photo Merry Many Santa Clauses! — a photo exhibition by Akiko Tsunoda
19/11/29 Photo TOKYOGRAPHIE 2019 — a special edition of the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
19/11/01 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Exhibition
The Photographs of Osamu Kobayashi:
Perspectives on Ryotaro Shiba's On the Highways Series Experiencing History, Landscape, and Culture on Foot with Penetrating Insight into the Times
19/08/09 Photo Special Summer Holiday Event
Photo Exhibition
Radiolaria — the wondrous forms of living creatures
19/06/21 Photo Stories of 11 Photographers    Towards a New Era, Towards Reiwa    Heisei — Tokyo — Snap Shot Love
19/03/15 Photo NIPPON NO SAKURA — a photo exhibition by Toshinobu Takeuchi
18/11/09 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE presents
The Wellspring of Photographic Expression
Treasures of American Modern Photography: The Gilbert Collection
18/10/26 Photo KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photo Festival — Special edition Opening event — TOKYOGRAPHIE
18/10/12 Photo A Taylor Swift Photo Collection   Now or never. instax Gallery
18/08/03 Photo Special Summer Photo Exhibition
100th edition of the Japanese High School Baseball Championship
Summer Koshien — Unforgettable Games, Unforgettable Players
18/03/23 Photo Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of FUJIFILM SQUARE
Decorating with Photos — a Glimpse into the Future with GENIC
17/11/17 Photo In Celebration of Its 10th Anniversary, FUJIFILM SQUARE Presents:
Ansel Adams — A 20th-Century Master Photographer of Beauty and Sublimity in Landscapes
17/10/06 Photo Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of FUJIFILM SQUARE
The Photographic Cooperative that Influenced the World:
The Origins of the Founding of Magnum Photos
17/03/24 Photo Fujifilm Photo Collection
“My One Shot” — single images of leading pioneers of Japanese photographic history
16/06/24 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition South America — the farthest continent
16/02/19 Photo A Million Steps — A joint photo exhibition by Ken Noguchi and Ryota Fujimaki
15/10/30 Photo National Geographic - the global truth (An exhibition to mark 20 years of the Japanese language version of the National Geographic magazine)
15/09/11 Photo Showa Children - smiling through good times and bad! A photo exhibition to mark the 90th year since the start of the Showa period
15/06/26 Photo KAZUYOHI NOMACHI Photography Exhibition FROM BEYOND THE HORIZON - A Documentary of Land and People
15/02/20 Photo FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition Lifescapes – unknown worlds right on our doorstep
14/11/14 Photo Mika Ninagawa Photo Exhibition Perspectives of Mika Ninagawa through New Photographic Works
14/09/12 Photo Great Railway Photo Exhibition Produced by railway photographer Seiya Nakai
14/01/17 Photo “Single Photo” Exhibition A collection of single photographs from some of the leading photographers in the history of Japanese photography
13/11/15 Photo Life ― Capturing Wildlife in Photos
12/11/16 Photo Alaska ― The Eternal Journey A Photo Exhibition by Michio Hoshino
12/09/07 Photo Memories of Showa Japan Postwar Reconstruction and Development
12/06/29 Photo Mountains that Jiro Nitta Loved ― from Mount Fuji to the Swiss Alps Centenary Celebration of Jiro Nitta
12/06/08 Photo Uchida Kuichi ―Photographer of the Late Edo and Early Meiji Periods
12/02/24 Photo Cherry Blossoms! ― Nippon in Full Bloom
11/11/25 Photo LISA VOGT'S White Gift - A Gift from the Arctic,Life and Its Tenderness
11/06/17 Photo Hawaii ― beyond your wildest imagination Images of Hawaii from nature photographer Junji Takasago
10/11/19 Photo "Alpine Symphony ─ the Northern Alps, Mt. Hotaka and the Karasawa Glacial Valley" A photo exhibition by Shiro Shirahata
10/09/17 Photo The Face of Showa Japan


20/10/01 Photo Photographs Making Music Akira Kinoshita: Musicians of the World
20/07/01 Photo Japan's First Wild Bird Photographer:
100 Years Ago Kenji Shimomura Captured an Image of a Kingfisher
20/06/09 Photo The Colors and Shapes of Kyoto
Takeji Iwamiya—In Pursuit of the Beauty of Japan
20/01/04 Photo The Colors and Shapes of Kyoto
Takeji Iwamiya—In Pursuit of the Beauty of Japan
19/09/01 Photo Awakening Photographs: Michiko Kon + Tokihiro Sato
19/06/01 Photo The Story of Seibei Kajima, the “Millionaire Photographer” in the Meiji Period
19/03/01 Photo Realms of Color: The Creation by Ernst Haas
18/11/01 Photo Shinzo Maeda, a Photographic Explorer Seeking Color: The Quest for New Discoveries
18/08/01 Photo Gendai gokan and Haruo Tomiyama, a photographer who transcended language
18/04/01 Photo A Titan of Showa Era Photography: The Work of Tadahiko Hayashi as a Narrative on His Time
18/01/04 Photo Things we have to treasure, Things we have to share
Selected Works by Haga Hideo, Great Master of Folklore Photography
17/10/01 Photo Living on Brazil's Wide Earth — The Hidden Story of Emigrant Photographer Ohara Haruo
17/07/01 Photo INTERFACE — Or, What Japan's Great Post-War Photographers Kept Looking For.
An Inquiry into the Artistic Practice of Shomei Tomatsu.
17/04/13 Photo Mount Fuji as seen through the Eyes of Late Edo/Meiji Period Photographers
In Search of ‘Heaven on Earth’
17/01/04 Photo Cultural Landscape of Japan — Nara Yamatoji   A photo exhibition by Taikichi Irie
16/10/01 Photo There was a man called Gocho Shigeo 1946-1983
16/06/01 Photo Exhibition of Photographs by Narahara Ikko, ‘Where Time Has Vanished’
16/02/02 Photo Noon Star — a photo exhibition by Takeshi Mizukoshi
15/11/03 Photo Jacques Henri Lartigue - the world's greatest amateur photographer
15/05/01 Photo Teiko Shiotani — Pioneer of Artistic Photography in Japan
15/02/03 Photo Pictorialism – Prelude to Modern Photography
14/10/01 Photo Ken Domon — Dual Perspectives
13/04/01 Photo Face to Face with Nature - an Exhibition of the Photographic Works of Yukio Tabuchi
13/01/03 Photo A Fascination with Light — a photo exhibition by Wynn Bullock
13/09/03 Photo Two Journeys of Ihei Kimura - The Ryukyu Islands and the Akita Region
13/06/01 Photo Animal Locomotion ― An Exhibition of Photos by Eadweard Muybridge
13/03/01 Photo Portraits of Native Americans ─ An Exhibition of Photos by Edward S. Curtis ─
12/12/01 Photo The Beauty of Japan ISE JINGU
12/09/01 Photo The Founders of Magnum Photos Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David Seymour
12/06/01 Photo A Lifelong Pursuit of Modernism ― the Photographic World of Shoji Ueda
12/03/01 Photo Eugene Smith ― Humanism in Photography
11/09/01 Photo Portfolio of Yousuf Karsh: FIFTEEN PORTRAITS
11/04/29 Photo An Exhibition of Photographs by UCHIDA Kuichi- mid-19th Century Photographer Part2 ─ Portraits
11/03/01 Photo An Exhibition of Photographs by UCHIDA Kuichi ─ mid-19th Century Photographer
10/10/01 Photo Photographs of Murou-ji Temple by Ken Domon
10/12/17 Event Mini Performances of Antique Music Boxes
10/06/01 Photo Photographs by Ansel Adams: Portfolio IV (1963)
10/01/04 Photo An Exhibition of the World's Oldest Photographs
09/05/28 Photo Nostalgic Home Movies ― from the Zoetrope to Single 8 Film
08/12/23 Photo "Yokohama photograph" album which introduced Japan

Gallery PHOTO IS

10/02/27PhotoA Stroll Through the Ocean - The Underwater World of Ikuo Nakamura
10/01/16PhotoTracing the Life and Times of Ryoma Sakamoto Through Photos
09/10/06PhotoGlittering Nightscapes
09/08/28PhotoA Photo Journey Through Switzerland
09/07/31PhotoPhoto Zoo - Super Close Ups of Animals in the Wild
09/07/04PhotoMt. Fuji - The Heart of Japan A photo exhibition by Yukio Ohyama
09/05/29PhotoA Panoramic View of Japan from Above -The changing seasons in Japan as seen by aerial photographer Yoshiyuki Akutagawa-
09/04/29PhotoRailways for Everyone Photo Exhibition
09/03/27Photo A Journey Through the World's Heritage Sites Part 2: Creations of Mankind - A Selection of Cultural Heritage Sites
09/02/27PhotoA Journey Through the World's Heritage Sites Part 1: Natural Creations - A Selection of Natural Heritage Sites
09/02/25PhotoTokyo Disney Resort® Photo Exhibition - Dreams and Magic
08/12/23PhotoThe Art Museum of Dreams -- a photo exhibition of famous Japanese architectural structures
08/08/29PhotoShowa Japan seen through Dutch eyes
08/08/01PhotoThe Secret World of Insects and Plants -- A Photo Exhibition by Satoshi Kuribayashi
08/07/02Photo「"Preserving Greenery, Preserving Water" Photo Exhibition Simultaneous Event: "Preserving the Earth Contest" Photo Exhibition(Organized by Tomoyo Nonaka, NPO Gaia Initiative)
08/06/06PhotoThe Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes, Japanese Version of the Japan & Europe Beautiful Pilgrimage Human Road -- Photographs by Sanjiro Minamikawa
08/02/29Photo" Unusual Festivals" a photographic exhibition from Makoto Shina
08/02/01PhotoA Message from Outer Space - Lunar Mysteries and the kaguya Space Mission -
07/12/28PhotoJapan & Europe Beautiful Pilgrimage Human Road,Camino de Santiago, Photographs by Sanjiro Minamikawa.
07/11/30PhotoA Christmas Story ─ Christmas Scenes from Around the World, with photos by Kanichiro Uehara
07/09/28Photo"Pink, Pink, Pink"a pulsating photographic exhibition by 12 female photographers
07/08/31PhotoSmile Please! - A Photographic Exhibition by Norika Fujiwara
07/07/27PhotoThe Lake District in England - the Beautiful Setting for the Tale of Peter Rabbit® Picture Book Stories
07/06/29Photo60 Celebrities' Photo Exhibition - This photo of mine
07/06/01PhotoYann Arthus=Bertrand -EARTH FROM ABOVE-
07/03/30Photo200 Professional Photographers Exhibition

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