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Virgin beech forest in autumn (Oguni, Yamagata Prefecture) ©Kazuo Suzuki

~Listening to the Spirits in the Wild~
Photos by Kazuo Suzuki

FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition

July 8 – July 28, 2022 (The exhibition closes at 14:00 on the final day)




  • The roughly 80 works taken between Kazuo Suzuki's debut that would eventually make him into one of Japan's most reputed nature photographers and today play out like a resumé of a photographer who has spent over half of his life gazing into the wild.
  • These photos offer a glimpse into Suzuki's own philosophy of listening to the spirits in the wild when it comes to nature photography -- because the calling of even silent landscapes and wildlife can be heard by patiently focusing your emotions on their “presence and reasoning”.

About the exhibition

FUJIFILM SQUARE is delighted to be showing works by renown Japanese nature photographer Kazuo Suzuki. The exhibition will include photographs from Suzuki's debut to present-day and will be arranged to spotlight what he perceived in the natural landscape and how he reasoned with that in each of the phases of his life as a photographer.

Suzuki was born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1953 and followed an unusual career path in his younger days, working first as a mining engineer and later in the private sector after finishing junior high school, then going onto college and eventually a job in local government. He only began concentrating on landscape photography in 1985 and didn't embark down the road of professional photography until he was 42 years of age.

The exhibition will present the full breath and depth of Suzuki's work, starting with early photos of “Urabandai” that marked his birth as a nature photographer and rocketed the highland area to fame. It will include works of “Ozegahara”, which vividly captured the previously unknown wintry expression of these pristine wetlands. There will also be a colorful variety of “Sakura” cherry trees that, for a quarter of a century, have allured and spurred Suzuki to passionately crisscross the country. The exhibition closes out with Suzuki's most recent “Reto Series” in which he has expanded his photographic theme to the entire Japanese Archipelago.

The 80 large silver prints shown at this exhibition are a mélange of new and representative works by a man who has caringly sought the soul of the subject matter he has photographed, and play out like a resumé of a photographer whose passion is to gaze into the natural world.

Related Programs

Plans are to show “Gallery Talk with the Photographer” (movie) during the exhibition.
Plans are to post the movie on the “Guide” page of FUJIFILM SQUARE's website from the opening day of the exhibition.

Profile of the Photographer

Passion drives me to portray the endlessly intricate and profound islands of Japan because the land is begging me to listen. (Kazuo Suzuki)

Kazuo Suzuki

Born in the town of Hanawa in Fukushima Prefecture. Tapped into the spirit emanated by the natural world through all five senses, Kazuo Suzuki focuses his energy and talent on telling that story in his work. Member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society, Photographic Society of Japan and Society of Scientific Photography. Head of the Ichinokai school of photography. Lecturer for the Photographers Federation of Japan. Photo albums include “Sakura ni Ikiru”, “Hana no Koe”, “Ki no Koe”, “Sakura no Koe”, “Oguni no Koe”, “Urabandai no Koe”, “Oze no Koe”, “Ozeshijima no Senritsu” and more. Has authored “Digital Roshutsu no Gokui”, “Fukei Shashin no Gokui” and many other books. Advocate of “using photography to recount one's personal story”.

Exhibition overview

Title FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo Exhibition
~Listening to the Spirits in the Wild~
Photos by Kazuo Suzuki
Dates July 8 (Fri) – July 28 (Thu), 2022
Time 10:00 - 19:00
(Until 14:00 on the final day. Entry allowed up to 10 minutes before closing.)
Open every day for the full duration of the exhibition.
Venue Spaces 1, 2 & MiniGallery, FUJIFILM PHOTO SALON Tokyo, FUJIFILM SQUARE
Admission Free

*This exhibition is being held as a corporate MECENAT activity. We are pleased to announce that admission is free to enable more people to attend.

Number of exhibits 80 (Planned)
Organized by FUJIFILM Corporation
Planned by Fukei-Shashin Publishing Co., Ltd.
Traveling exhibition FUJIFILM PHOTO SALON Osaka,  Aug. 5 (Fri) – 17 (Wed), 2022

* This exhibition may be cancelled or rescheduled for unavoidable circumstances. Visit FUJIFILM SQUARE online or call for updates.

In 2022, The FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo History Museum was recognized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts for “contributions to society through the promotion of arts and culture” and has been authorized to use the “THIS IS MECENAT 2022” logo.