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[Image]Nobuyuki Takahashi Photo Exhibition “Song of the Birds ‘El Cant dels Ocells’”

Simplified light and shadows in Spain
Zaragoza, 1972 ©Nobuyuki Takahashi

Nobuyuki Takahashi Photo Exhibition
“Song of the Birds ‘El Cant dels Ocells’”

FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo History Museum Photo Exhibition

June 29 – September 27, 2023 (The exhibition closes at 16:00 on the final day)




These photographs provide a glimpse of the joy of youth and unvarnished vital energy of the people of Northern Spain during the Franco dictatorship. Discovered 50 years later by photographer Nobuyuki Takahashi himself, this trove of refreshing photographs offer the irreplaceable liveliness of the people and meaningful realizations that are often overlooked in the turmoiled world we live in today.

About the exhibition

Presented by the FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo History Museum, this exhibition features approximately 25 previously unpublished works by Nobuyuki Takahashi, now known as a “photographer of riverine systems” for his work at the Niyodo River among others. These photos were taken between 1969 and 1972 in Zaragoza, Barcelona and Pamplona, Spain, during his three-years at the University of Zaragoza as an honorary visiting student, and in 1977 on a later visit.

The Franco dictatorship was in power thirty years following the Spanish Civil War. The economy was in deep recession, society was exhausted, and intense memories of the civil war lingered in Catalonia and the Basque Country. Sensitive to this backdrop, Takahashi energetically captured the simple lives of the people, the expressions of children full of vitality and casual scenes on city streets.

The exhibition offers a glimpse into the rather unexpected origins of Takahashi’s career, who upon returning to his hometown of Kochi in 1972, began a career as a freelance photographer with a focus on nature, particularly on “waves,” immersing himself in river basin areas and waterhead areas in virgin forests.

* On the title “Song of the Birds”
“Song of the Birds” (“El Cant dels Ocells” in Catalan)
A Catalan folk song. The song is about birds celebrating the birth of Christ and is widely known for its version arranged and performed by Catalan cellist Pablo Casals. On October 24, 1971, at the age of 94, Casals performed “Song of the Birds” at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, which was broadcast worldwide. Casals is also known for his protests against the Franco regime and his anti-fascist stance throughout his life.

Profile of the Photographer

Nobuyuki Takahashi  (1947-)

1947:Born in Kochi City, Japan.
1969:Studied in Zaragoza for three years under the Spanish government’s honorary visiting student program.
1972:Began working as a freelance photographer upon returning to Japan. Since then, alongside his work in commercial photography, Takahashi has produced photographic works on themes such as “The Sea” and “The Landscape of Tosa,” which have been published in camera magazines and other media.
1978:Invited to exhibit at the photokina exhibition in Germany. The following year, the work entered in this exhibition was chosen for permanent collection at the MUSEUM FÜR KUSTUNG GEWERBE in Hamburg, Germany.
1987:Relocated to Punta Arenas, Chile, a town along the Strait of Magellan.
1988:Visited Cape Horn, the southernmost point of the continent with the support of the Chilean Navy, and Antarctica in winter with the support of the Chilean Air Force.
1989:Produced works on themes such as “Kacho Fugetsu” and “Niyodo River.”
2010:  Joined the production team at NHK Kochi Broadcasting Station, and presented video footage and images in programs including NHK's “‘Niyodo River’ - The Unknown Mystery of the Blue.”
Photo Exhibitions:  “Waves” (1981), “SEASCAPE” (1995), “Creations of Light” (2006), “Sparkling Waters” (2007), and “Riverine Systems of the Gods” (2022)

Exhibition overview

Title FUJIFILM SQUARE Photo History Museum Photo Exhibition
Nobuyuki Takahashi Photo Exhibition
“Song of the Birds ‘El Cant dels Ocells’”
Dates June 29 (Thu) – September 27 (Wed), 2023
Time 10:00 - 19:00
(Until 16:00 on the final day. Entry allowed up to 10 minutes before closing.)
Open all days for the duration of the exhibition.
Venue Photo History Museum, FUJIFILM SQUARE
Admission Free

* This exhibition is being held as a corporate MECENAT activity. We are pleased to announce that admission is free to enable more people to attend.

Number of items 25 (subject to change)
Organized by FUJIFILM Corporation
Planned by Temporary Contemporary
Supported by Minato Ward Board of Education

* This exhibition may be cancelled or rescheduled for unavoidable circumstances. Visit FUJIFILM SQUARE online or call for updates.


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